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Dev Links: Cast Away

Today’s Developer Links get into the nitty-gritty of such game development technicalities as matrices, obstacle avoidance, and procedural terrain generation.  (Don’t worry, though, if you want articles on less technical stuff, we’ve got those too.)

If I May Speak Procedurally, Sir: Building The British Countryside Generator (Big Robot)
“The British Countryside Generator, as we’re calling it, is our procedural world engine for Sir You are Being Hunted. It’s plugged into Unity, which we are using as our overall development toolbox. It’s still a work in progress, but already delivers much of what we want for our game world, without us having to hand-place environmental features, as you might in traditional level editing. You can see some examples of the environments produced by our system here and here. ”

Postmortem: Crocodile Entertainment’s Zack Zero (Gamasutra)
“What happens when an indie team’s ambition spirals out of control but the game doesn’t connect with an audience at the end of the project? In this candid postmortem of Spanish-developed PlayStation 3 downloadable platform title Zack Zero, two developers who started with a small idea that grew and grew share their experiences.

Driftmoon Alpha – The Lost Island! (Instant Kingdom)
“As you approach the peaceful-looking shore of Eione, you can’t help but wonder where on this island… Wait a moment, I was just about to reveal the whole plot! What I mean to say is that the new areas of Eione and its underwater tunnels are now available for your pleasure. You’ll also finally meet Bobby, the skeleton from the menu!”

Art Asset Overview #33 (Wolfire blog)
“This week I show some seasonal variations of a mostly-finished environment. I am now working on a set of new environments that will be finished to this level of quality. I think once those are done, we can adapt them to fit various challenge scenarios or story missions. For example, it would be pretty easy to add a raider camp or a mountain temple to this new area.”

UnitySteer: Updates To Spherical Obstacle Avoidance (Arges Systems)
“The main change to be aware of is that I’m marking SteerForSphericalObstacleAvoidance as Obsolete. I wasn’t very happy with its limitations, and while it works decently enough when the obstacles are not too tightly clustered together, it could lead into a situation where it walks into an obstacle while trying to avoid another one. It will still be on the repository for backwards compatibility, but I am likely to only continue developing a new post-processing behavior called SteerForSphericalObstacleRepulsion.”

Indie Tools: RPGMaker (IndieGames)
“What you really need to know is that RPG Maker is a fantastic tool for creating JRPG adventures reminiscent of the 16-bit era. It’s easy and intuitive to use (you can start designing maps without even going through the first tutorial), seems powerful enough to handle anything a top-down RPG might require, sports a very straightforward scripting language and comes with a ton of content such as tiles, UI elements and monsters to let you immediately start designing your game.”

Matrices, Rotation, Scale And Drifting (AltDevBlogADay)
“If you are using Matrix4x4s to store your node transforms and want to support scaling you are facing an annoying numerical problem: rotating a node causes its scale to drift from the original value.”

A New, Modern Website For Die Gute Fabrik’s Johann Sebastian Joust (Made by Pixelante)
“I designed and developed a new website for Die Gute Fabrik’s Johann Sebastian Joust. In this blog post, I’m going to give you some details about the design goals and used technology.”

Source: The Indie Game Magazine – Dev Links: Cast Away