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Metaphors Aside: ‘qrth-phyl’ Trailer


Rise and shine campers! Coffee pot gone dry already? You don’t need it – simply watch the latest trailer for qrth-phyl (don’t even try to pronounce it) and you’ll be sorted for the rest of the day. More or less. We’re not so cruel as to leave you clueless about what it’s all about though, so sit down on the carpet, legs crossed and we’ll begin.

Ready? Good. As with other Hermit Games (namely Leave Home), qrth-phyl is an arcade game with neon visuals, basic 3D shapes and an adaptive gameplay. Though, it carries that the game is not intended to slide easily into any given genre. In this case, the game take the player on more of a metaphorical journey using its audio-visuals and gameplay to implicate its meaning. This is quite the opposite to the simple, score chasing of typical arcade gameplay.

As you’ll see in the trailer, there are varying types of gameplay, but most seem connected by controlling a yellow, snake-like avatar. The only other thing showcased is some significance with a bunch of green squares. The answers to your questions quite clearly lie within the game. If that wasn’t enough to confuse you, there is a quote from the developer that has made us double take, call over peers and ponder in silence for a good minute or so.

“The game plays in 3D, is adaptive and fuses elements of documentary.”

3D? Uh huh. Adaptive? Gotcha. Elements of documentary? …..nope. We’ve no idea what this means for the game, but we can only interpret it to mean that the game also consists of factual pieces of printed or recorded documentation. A bit like POP Methodology Experiment 1 did, right? Guess so.

You can find out more information on qrth-phyl over on the game’s official website. There’s also more of those lovely screenshots. The game is expected to be released in a matter of weeks for XBLIG and PC.