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The Heavens Part: ‘Maia’ Announced

For many gamers, the sense of empowerment granted to them via their virtual entertainment medium of choice acts as a resounding gripping point in their embracing of interactive video gaming. That, we’d guess, is where god games come in, and it’s apparently the basis of the newly-announced Maia, a project headed by Simon Roth of Machine Studios fame.

Set in a world embellished by the decadent trimmings of sci-fi lore, Maia looks set to evoke memories of Roth’s self-professed heroes Bullfrog, creators of the legendary Populous and Black and White. While Roth claims to have laid out a considerably detailed set of foundations for the game’s design, he’s nevertheless open to suggestions from the gaming community. As such, the game is set to be made available through the increasingly popular Alpha funding model, with a large proportion of the funds raised going towards the hiring of additional artists and designers.

Still, if the concept art shown off in the screenshot above is anything to go by, Maia has the potential to look like a fancy little piece of meat in its own right. Of course, it’s a trend well recognised that early footage is rarely indicative of a finished product in this wild, zany industry, but we’d like to think of the game’s preliminary graphical design as a signal of intent for what could easily become a barnstormer of monumental proportions.

For more information on Maia, tentatively slated for release on Windows PC and Linux, check out its official website.