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Pre-Order ‘Indie Game: The Movie’ Soundtrack Now; Bonuses Available

It may be looking to storm the big screen in the next few weeks, but Indie Game: The Movie might just be taking over the airwaves too. That’s because the film’s soundtrack, composed by the multi-talented Jim Guthrie, is now available for pre-order through Bandcamp in anticipation for its May 15th release.

While the standard digital version of the album will set you back $5 CAD, there are a few other tempting offers for enthusiastic fans of the movie. First up is a special $19.99 CAD package that combines the standard digital soundtrack with one of three t-shirts, each with the film’s logo proudly emblazoned on them. Buyers can choose between blue, poppy or silver, which, according to its marketing pitch, is “cooler than white.”  Alternatively, $32 CAD is all it takes to receive both the album in its digital form and, as an extra treat, on the beloved LP format, decked out with some fantastic cover artwork courtesy of Cory Schmitz.

Those who pre-order the album will also be granted immediate access to four of the soundtrack’s 24 tracks, available in .mp3, .FLAC or almost any other popular audio format.

Indie Game: The Movie is a unique inside look at the behind-the-scenes struggles of an independent development studio. Featuring such indie classics as Super Meat Boy, Fez, and Jonathan Blow’s The Witness, it’s been met with a hugely enthusiastic critical reaction upon its initial showings in front of key media personnel. If you don’t feel like taking my word on that, give Mike Gnade’s PAX East review a read.

Look for Indie Game: The Movie to premiere in US cinemas on May 18th. An official release date outside the United States has yet to be revealed, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that some news will emerge very soon.