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IGM Is Going Monthly – More Issues Are On The Way!

The Indie Game Magazine

We’ve been hard at work here at the Indie Game Magazine lately. We’ve launched great subdomains like IGM Mobile and IGM Retro, redesigned Game Tunnel, are preparing for an awesome free indie game challenge for Indie Games Day and seen an increase in traffic of over 500% since the end of 2011. Our next big announcement is that our magazine, which has been bi-monthly since its inception in 2008, will be going monthly starting this summer with issue 22. Great news right?

Of course, with all great news there’s also some bad. Because of this change and the cost of print, we will be discontinuing our print subscription. Lately, we’ve been withholding content from the magazine or trying to jam too much into our set page count. By eliminating the print subscription, we are able to create a magazine with as many pages as we want without having to worry about losing money by shipping issues to our print subscribers. For those of you who love the magazine in print, it will still be available via MagCloud for purchase on per issue basis. So, if you are one of those loyal people, I suggest that you follow us on Magcloud so that you’re notified when new issues become available.

We anticipate that there may be a lot of questions regarding this radical change, so please read our answers below and feel free to ask your question in the comments section if it is not here.

My print subscription has been cancelled in paypal, what happens now?

We have gone ahead and cancelled all of the International and National print subscription recurring payments that we have in Paypal. Print subscribers should receive an email notifying them of this cancellation. We will be offering all of our print subscribers free website Insider subscriptions so that they can continue to read the magazine. If you are a print subscriber, we ask that you open a support ticket so that we can set you up with a login to the website and address any concerns that you may have about this change.

I am a website Insider (or Insider Plus), do I have to worry about anything?

The only thing you have to worry about is setting aside more time to read more articles about indie games.

You’re doubling the content, are you going to double the price of your subscriptions?

NO! The individual pricing of our digital issues will remain the same ($4.99 for a PDF and $2.99 on the iPhone/iPad App). Individual Print issue pricing is based on the page count, so these prices will vary on an issue by issue basis. You should expect our subscription pricing to increase slightly over the next couple of months. We WILL NOT INCREASE the price to any of our current website subscribers/insiders, so now is a great time to purchase an Insider subscription since we will honor your sign-up price forever. Here’s a breakdown of our existing subscriptions and expected price changes (we will update as we know more).

Insider/Insider Plus Subscriptions

These will likely increase before the end of the year to $29.95 and $49.95 ($5 more each). As mentioned above, this price increase will only affect future subscribers. Existing subscribers will simply get more content so subscribe now to lock in your lower price.

iPhone App Subscriptions

These subscriptions have always been based on the number of issues that you get to download.  Pricing will remain the same, but the subscriptions will run out sooner now.  As an example, the old 6 month subscription (3 issues for $4.99) is now called a 3 month subscription, but still gives you 3 issues at the same price.

Zinio Subscriptions

We are still working with Zinio on this change. The current Zinio annual subscription (6 issues) is around $20 or $3.33 per issue. The new annual subscription will likely increase to around $30 for 12 issues or $2.50 per issue.

Why are you Increasing Prices? That is so NOT Indie!

The reality is that we have to increase prices. We will be doubling our work and there are very real costs associated with the Zinio and App subscriptions (and lag times to when we get paid). We have also hired a bunch of writers and want to fairly compensate them for their time/effort. We’re sorry for the price increases and have tried to keep them as low/reasonable as possible. We hope that you’ll support us and understand why it’s necessary.

If you have any other questions, please comment below and we will continue to update this post with answers.