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Thought You Knew Epic? ‘Intrusion 2′ Gameplay Trailer

Intrusion 2

Vap Games have announced that development on 2D action-platformer Intrusion 2 is finished and a new, very epic gameplay trailer has been unleashed.

Long thought to have faded into obscurity, Intrusion 2 is one hell of an impressive 2D action-platformer that really captures the sense of an epic battle. Whether wielding a gun bigger than the main character, riding a wolf, manning a mech or trying to balance as a huge creature tears apart a building; Intrusion 2 looks fantastic.

The game has been in development for few years now and there was even a demo released back in 2010 that you can still check out if you crave its delights. The most eye-catching parts of the game are the animation and physics – everything is smooth and reacts in a way to cater towards the epic scale the game so perfectly captures.

Unfortunately there is no release date for Intrusion 2 at the moment but it will be coming to PC and Mac soon. Now, on to that trailer featuring music by George Dziov:

More information on Intrusion 2 can be found on the game’s official website.