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‘Mari0′ Is Getting Online Multiplayer


The portal gun wielding antics of Mari0 are about to get even crazier with the addition of online multiplayer. Bonkers.

This is madness. Total, utter crazy cats. Mari0 was fairly nutty before – adding portal guns to classic Mario gameplay and now this! Six player online multiplayer. That’s six fully customizable Marios with six portal guns between them. That’s 12 portals at one time. Comprehending the sheer madness of this addition to the game is barely manageable.

To help things along though, there is a gameplay video. Oh yes, you can see some very early tester footage with six of these crazy Marios flying around with their portal guns. This is so nuts. That’s why we love it though.

If you haven’t downloaded and had a bit of a bash with Mari0 yet, you can grab it right here for free.

More information on Mari0 can be found on the game’s official website.