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‘Journey’ Soundtrack Downloadable From 10th April


It might be fair to say that Journey has been doing the rounds lately. One of the most highly acclaimed titles of the year so far, it’s been consistently racking up stupendous review scores and has become one of the most talked about new intellectual properties in recent gaming memory. And, sure, though the gameplay, visuals and presentation haven’t exactly hurt the game’s prospects, you’d be a fool to understate the impact forged by its stirring soundtrack, courtesy of the award-winning composer Austin Wintory.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Journey‘s soundtrack will imminently be made available for digital download from 10th April on iTunes and the Playstation Store. A combination of electronic and symphonic tracks, the game’s score follows on from Wintory’s impressive track record in the world of popular cultural compositions. He’s already garnered worldwide attention as a result of his efforts with Grace, nominated for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for “Best Original Score”, and Captain Abu Raed, winner of the Sundance Audience Award.

There’s no word yet on the soundtrack’s pricing or track listing, but thatgamecompany has also revealed that a limited CD release is also in the works for a later release.