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GameTunnel 3.0 – Indie Game Community With Reviews

This week marks the relaunch of Game Tunnel.  Game Tunnel was one of the first indie game review sites that we acquired late 2011 in hopes of restoring it to some of its greatness.  The biggest thing that we learned is that GT’s monthly round-up review concept is incredibly antiquated.  People don’t want to check websites once a month – they want constant up-to-date content and community features.  This has all lead to a brand new version 3.0

What’s New?

  • New Design with a focus on a Game Reviews & Community
  • Community Features – We completely integrated with Buddypress so you can message other users, create your own profiles, activity feeds, groups, etc.
  • New User Voting System – You can review and vote on each game – Top rated games are shown in the sidebar
  • Game Try/Buy links right in the sidebar that link to Steam, iTunes, or the Developer’s website – making games easy to play or buy
  • We’re looking to open Game Tunnel up as a premiere game review aggregator.  If you have a blog/website where you review mobile, Xbox, or even mainstream games, please contact us and we’ll talk about getting your articles pulled into Game Tunnel and linking back to your own website.

What’s the Same?

  • There’s still a focus on indie game reviews
  • All of the old articles, round-ups, and Game of the Year articles are still there.

What’s Gone?

  • The infamous Monthly Round-up – this massive article with 4 panelists & 10 game reviews was a pain to manage/organize and complete every month.
  • Crappy permalinks with /?page_id in them
I hope everyone will stop by and check out the new design, create a profile, rate some games and help us grow the community.  Please send your Game Tunnel feedback to me at