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‘The Banner Saga’ Now On Kickstarter, Get Yourself A Copy

The Banner Saga

Stoic Studio have now put their strategy/RPG The Banner Saga up on Kickstarter so if you want to bag yourself a copy you better head over there with a fistful of dollars!

We’ve talked a fair amount about The Banner Saga and there’s a reason for that, several in fact! Stoic are ex-Bioware developers who went indie in order to make the game they dreamed of. This turned out to be The Banner Saga, a mature, strategy/RPG with a mature story, beautiful hand-drawn art and turn-based combat. If you want to know more about the game, make sure you read our lengthy interview with Stoic in Issue 21!

Stoic have now put The Banner Saga up on Kickstarter in order to ensure development can continue in the way they intend. They’re asking for $100,000 but say if the funding is surpassed the money can go towards more localizations, ports to more platforms and just generally more content.

By helping to fund The Banner Saga you can get your pre-order of the game on PC or Mac, get exclusive artwork materials or even get yourself in the game; so head over to the Kickstarter project page!

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You can find out more information on The Banner Saga over on its official website.