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Steam Made Up 96% Of ‘Atom Zombie Smasher’ Sales In December 2011

Atom Zombie Smasher Sales Chart

UPDATE: Squid In A Box added a very good point to this news – the Steam Winter Sale was held throughout December meaning that the Steam sales figures are more than likely very skewed and not a typical representation.

During a Atom Zombie Smasher post-mortem, Blendo Games revealed its sales figures for Atom Zombie Smasher during December 2011 and while the chart is not entirely surprising, it does go to prove a few things.

We’re all aware that the Valve’s PC digital distribution store front Steam has some incredible selling power, in fact the general consensus is that if you get your game on Steam then you have hit the big time. With the secrecy of sales figures that Valve insists though, no one quite knew just how much of a difference Steam can make, unless of course you have a game on there already.

As you can see in the pie chart above presented by Blendo, Steam is very dominant. Here’s the actual figures:

Atom Zombie Smasher sales through December 2011

  • Steam: 96,000
  • BMT Micro (direct sales): 1,800
  • GamersGate: 155
  • Direct2Drive: 87
  • Impulse: 85
  • Ubuntu Store: 48
  • Desura*: 24

*shorter sales period.

Unsurprisingly, it seems that the consensus is true, but 96% is a huge margin. It’s brilliant to see what Steam is doing for indie developers but it’s also a concern that so much is riding on striking it lucky and getting on Steam. 96%! That really is quite a baffling figure.

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