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Saccharine Slapstick: ‘KillFunYeah’ Alpha Is Free And Fabulous


Though in its alpha stage, KillFunYeah is a crazy-fun multiplayer 2D platform shooter that is currently free to download and play and oh is it worth it!

Violence in games is apparently a touchy subject with some people, but not when it’s blown to extreme proportions and made a megaton of fun! KillFunYeah is just about the right balance of hyperactivity and virile violence that makes my blood turn pink and sparkly. I love games that just go all out with colors, kinesis and cartoon violence and I have no problem whatsoever with adding KillFunYeah to the “Greats” in that style of game.

KillFunYeah is pretty easy to pick up – you just run around blasting anything that moves with your oversized weapons. There’s also an odd but cool mechanic that allows you to attract or repel projectiles to your advantage at a mere click of the mouse (and a holding of the Shift key).

Arctic Anteater are clearly insane and that’s just fine with me as long as they keep pouring that creative juice into their games, starting off with KillFunYeah of course. You want to see it don’t you? There’s a fun little video below but you can also play it! Right now! Yes, you can download KillFunYeah for free while it’s in its alpha stage from this little link here. Oh and it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux too.

More information on KillFunYeah can be found by trotting over to the official website.