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‘Guncraft’ Flaunts First Alpha Gameplay


Exato Game Studios have released the first glimpse of gameplay from Guncraft – their Modern Warfare meets Minecraft, multiplayer shooter.

So let’s say you’re a Call of Duty fan but you’re fed up of the grind it has become (haven’t we all by now?), where do you go for your next gaming fix? I’m inclined to point you towards Guncraft, which as I have said before is a hands-up-in-air fusion of Modern Warfare and Minecraft. Some of you won’t like this but many of you will and that will mean you’re on the lookout for some gameplay footage.

Well, you’re in luck as we have some to show you. It’s early stuff but it’s already looking pretty promising – with choppers, complete block-by-block destruction and creating shelters in just a click.

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At the moment, Guncraft is currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter so head on over there to grab yourself early access amongst other rewards.

You can find out more information on GunCraft in our original write up or on the official website.