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‘Ether’ Features An “Episodic Community Based” Narrative


White Paper Games is developing a new type of narrative in their game, Ether. The story, they say, will extend well beyond the confines of traditional games.

On their website, White Paper Games writes that Ether is an “episodic community based 1st person adventure game that charts an unknown protagonist as he delves into a world of forbidden technology, mystery, hope, love and death.” Sounds promising to me.


The real interesting part is how the game will play out. By reading their blog posts, we can see that the game is being developed in the Unreal Developer’s Kit. However, the game description includes the following:

“Using your online blog journal to record information, and the immense opportunity to get your name in the game Ether aims to rip the story from the screen and place it into your home. Have a smartphone? The adventure deepens with the ability to unearth hidden runes that can be captured by your QR code camera for even more secret information.”

In a blog post, designer Benjamin Hill exclaimed, “After a month of designs and development we realised very quickly that we wanted to create something that was far more in depth than another room based puzzler …. I had recently been reading quite a bit of old pulp sci-fi (which I am a large fan of) and was reading up a lot on cloud-gaming when suddenly this world enveloped my mind and this story started forming itself.”

You can read more about Ether on the White Paper Games Website, or follow them on twitter @WhitePaperGames.

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