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Anime Way Please: Alien Ass Kickery In ‘Ashley Ao’

Ashley Ao

Honey Tribe Studios are working with Ryan Jackson to bring an anime-inspired sci-fi action experience to your mobile devices with Ashley Ao.

Someone told us that you lot like anime and quite a few of you like sci-fi. So, how about this then – we fuse the two together! Eh, that’s a good idea isn’t it? Honey Tribe and Ryan Jackson thought so when they joined forces to make Ashley Ao for mobile devices.

This is an action game in which you play as the titular mistress and run about kicking the ass of the aliens come to terraform the planet she inhabits. That obviously wasn’t a good idea. The aim of the gameplay is for a more combo-based combat future, by that we mean the challenge of the game is to keep linking attacks together without stopping for a breath. This will be a requirement in the game’s later stages.

There’s no release date for Ashley Ao quite yet but the developers intend to get it on iOS and Android devices. For now, you’ll have to make do with this gameplay preview.

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You can find out more information on Ashley Ao over on the official website.