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Where Is The Fun?

Sometimes I worry a great deal about where video games are currently headed, and about many of the popular misconceptions surrounding them today. Take earlier in the week for example, when I was demoing out my own game to a friend (who happens to mostly play shooters on the Xbox 360) to see whether or not the newest dynamic soundtrack scripting stood up to impatient playtesting.His response to the game itself actually scared me somewhat.“When does it get fun?”, he asked plainly, after playing through what is essentially over a year’s hard work.“What do you mean?”, I responded, a little confused.“Well, that’s just a cutscene right? I think it’s way too long, but I kinda like the graphics, even if they are a bit baby-ish, so I can’t wait to run around and kill stuff”.“Actually no, that’s what the game is like. It’s sort of like a book, only the story is a little different each time”.“What

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This Article was originally posted on our sister site, The Indie Game Magazine written by Peter Moorhead.