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‘Waveform’ Coming To Steam In March, New Gameplay Trailer

‘Waveform’ Coming To Steam In March, New Gameplay TrailerBackFebruary 21st, 2012 | By Chris PriestmanTagged in: action | eden industries | gameplay | light wave | PC Game | steam | trailer | waveform Eden Industries will be worming their way on to Steam in early March with their debut title Waveform and so a new gameplay trailer has been released to celebrate!Waveform still remains as one of the most unique gameplay ideas we have seen in the past few years which is why we’re excited to see its arrival on Steam shortly. Ryan Vandendyck of Eden Industries, who we interviewed a little while back, is still working out the exact release date but Waveform will be available in early March he tells us.On release, Waveform will deliver its odd gameplay of controlling a light wave across an epic space background, with progressively tougher challenges; surprising considering the simplicity of the game’s controls. DLC will come in the form of a level editor so the community can make their own levels to keep themselves amused, not like the game’s Endless Mode doesn’t cater to that.You can find out more information on Waveform and Eden Industries on the official website.You may be interested in: ‘Waveform’ Needs Your Help On Kickstarter! Get Your Flow On With A Look At The ‘Waveform’ Level Editor New Trailer And Gameplay Footage For ‘Vessel’, Confirmed March 1st PC Release PixelJunk Eden Coming To Steam ‘Dustforce’ Coming To Steam January 17th, New Trailer Released |More

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