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‘Wanderlust: Rebirth’ Review – Retro Reborn

Anyone who has been a gamer for the past two decades has a love affair with at least one old-school RPG. Whether it’s Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, or one of the first Zelda or Final Fantasy games, there is something unique about those retro titles that reminds us how good gaming was in its relatively early days. Wanderlust: Rebirth is a new indie release for the PC that attempts to combine the aesthetics of those nostalgic titles and combine them with updated gameplay elements.Set in a typical high fantasy world, Wanderlust: Rebirth offers nothing new in the way of its basic premise. You are thrust into the role of the main character, with the choice of male or female across four classes (fighter, alchemist, cleric, elementalist). Typical world, and one that allows any gamer that has played an action RPG before to jump straight in.While the storyline is nothing out of the ordinary, Wanderlust: Rebirth gets you straight into the action with a helpful and exciting tutorial.

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