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If You’re Sitting Comfortably: Incursion Has Stories To Tell

A good story told well is a wonderful thing, by which logic many stories told well is astronomically happifying. Cube Noir – Incursion’s team of designers – want to give you that particular pleasure in one solid hit by creating what they define as a ‘new-age’ text adventure.

There’s a term that crops up rather a lot in the various blurbs you’ll see written across the internet about this game: Non-linear. These guys want the player to experience immersion from freedom of choice, from cause and effect. They want multiple plot strands to whisk the player up and away into their own personal game-space with multiple endings, intertwining narratives and a large dollop of humour. In the developer’s own words:

This idea of “non-linear story telling” was largely inspired by things such as Dungeons & Dragons, and the Fighting Fantasy Novels, and homage is paid to these inspirations throughout the game.

Incursion also contains some features inspired by Megaman, The Elder Scrolls and Zork.

An eclectic array of influences, indeed. There is an alpha version of the game currently available for download on the developer’s website, although it doesn’t offer much in terms of the decision making outlined above (due to the brevity of the experience). It does, however, explain how certain things will play out: Pixel art landscapes are to act as backdrops for each scene and you will forge your path/paths through a selection of options offered to you – in the first instance – by a wizened old guide, who seems to have appeared for the purposes of an initial tutorial.

Well worth keeping an eye on this project as development continues and versions update.

[Cube Noir]