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Popular iOS Terraria-like Jack Jack Teased for Mac, PC

Junk Jack was a game that we were very impressed with when it became available for Apple’s line of iOS systems due to its Terraria-like sidescrolling gameplay and Minecraft aesthetics. Now, according to a recent blog post by PixBits (the developers) is looks like we might be seeing Junk Jack on the big screen at some point in the future.

Here’s what PixBit had to say on their blog:

Hey, we would like to share an experiment we did while working on the iPad version of Junk Jack. This is a native Mac OS X application, the game is actually running as a desktop application.. having a big screen instead that one of a mobile platform finally allows Junk Jack to have the viewport it deserves.

What does it mean? Nothing for now, but maybe in the future we’ll see a Junk Jack version for PC and OS X! Who knows.

Unfortunately it means that Junk Jack will probably remain an iOS game for the foreseeable future, but it does leave the door open so that those of us without Apple’s devices might eventually get to experience this fantastic looking Terraria-like.