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Global Game Jam Closes With 2295 Submissions

Game jams are probably my favorite place to find new games. I mean, how amazing is the environment of creation?  You’ve got talented, motivated designers get together and try to make a game in a short time span, coming up with ideas as quickly as possible and trying to implement them. I’m not that well-versed in the demands of game design, but I imagine one’s creative process would be chaotic in a situation like that.

Of course, the biggest game jam out there is the Global Game Jam. Recently, the 2012 and the Global Game Jam came to an end. It’s another record-breaker, with 244 jam sites and a whopping 2295 game projects.

Like many jams, the Global Game Jam revolves around a specific theme. This year’s theme was the most-likely confused snake that’s biting its own tail: Ouroboros. The snake symbolizes death and rebirth and the cycle of life, and so many submissions tried to incorporate that into their games.

Others, went in the more literal direction and featured cyclical level structures. The witty and amusing Carl Jung in: Constrictive Unconscious features the young Jung (genius pun) running from the head of a giant snake in a dream.

It’s a remarkable contest and there’s so much to see among the submissions. A personal favorite of mine so far is MirrorMoon, a first person puzzler that has you exploring a strange red planet. It’s a wonderful game that has you figure out its mechanics with virtually no guidance or support, save for a tranquil soundtrack.

There’s a lot to check out in the Global Game Jam and in the coming days DIYGamer will provide a look at the submissions and find the ones you should check out. Although – and this isn’t just lip service- any game that someone put together in a sleep deprived weekend is worth checking out. If you’ve already seen the Global Game Jam, let us know what games you liked in the comments below.

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