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‘Feed ‘Em Up’ Review – Yummy Goodness

Sometimes when playing games in the indie space, you have to just figure out how to play without any instructions what so ever. With Feed ‘em Up on iOS, you install the app and have to choose between the three gameplay types, all of which are aptly named. Appetizer, Main Dish and Side Dish are all eating related, but none are easily known as training or tutorial. Luckily the gameplay is simple enough to figure out, but the lack of any tutorial from the start is definitely jarring.Feed ‘em Up is heavily built on the matching genre of Bejeweled and many others, but tries to set itself apart with huge combos and matching animals with their favorite foods. It does a good job being unique, but sometimes you watch more than play.If you do download this game, I recommend playing the Appetizer mode first; as it is the first part of a meal. This mode takes you through how to play the game, but becomes more of a puzzle mode after the first few levels. With over 25 levels to chew through, this could be the longer lasting challenge puzzle players will be looking forward to completing.The main draw of Feed ‘em Up is the 60 second long, Main Dish mode. You move one piece and it sets off a chain reaction, which could last night a single move or much, much longer. The result could be one of the most satisfying experiences I have seen on an iOS device, or just the next move

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