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5 Buttons Good: Experimental Gameplay Project Announces Contest Finalists

You may have already seen Monday’s announcement of the forty-eight submissions received by the Experimental Gameplay Project in response to their recent competition. The task, set back in December, was to design a game to be played in its entirety using only five buttons – no more, no less. Well, results have followed and thirteen lucky finalists are now guaranteed to have their games played through – and judged – at the imminent Stattmedia Game Contest at the Stattbad Gallery in Berlin on 17th February. Ten more runners up have also been given the honor on the condition that they make minor changes to fit in with the contest criteria.

Results are as follows:


Beep Brrp Bing Bang Bosh byPaul McG
Crazy Fossil Fuel Racers by Made in PDA
Fart Away by Gametron
Kickz by Armel Gibson
Pool Push by Krimelo
Porker Pillar by Nathan Fouts
Revolution by Felix P
Square Loves Triangle by Mr. Black
Super Expeditio by Volando
The Blame Game by Luke O’Connor
Varje Voorje by Mahdi
Versus Vs. by MrBlack
Whack a Mole by Average


Cold War Hangover by Troshinski
Comet Tune by Keenblaze
Individual Medley Relay by Phillip Wei
Milliways by Masci
Nature Strikes Back by Christian
Tone Tennis by Balthazar Auger
Unity Rackete by Mario
Uprok by Joe
Wyrm by David Durham
Zaboodles by Kurt Waldowski

It’s an amazing opportunity and looks to be a really wonderful location in which to present such innovative indie work. And thankfully, for those of us who aren’t local to the area or able to jet over to Germany at a moment’s notice, any of these games can be played for free from the comfort of our own homes. All you need is a keyboard with buttons 1 to 5 and, in many cases, four other friends with which to play. Of course, it’s not quite the same as jumping around inside a 19th century swimming pool, but there are some real gems on offer here and it wouldn’t be worth it to miss them.

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