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Yahtzee Announces Poacher Platformer, Releases Trailer

So, it seems Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame/notoriety/loveliness is currently working on something entirely new, as officially announced on his personal blog. The project is to be called Poacher and will be a Metroidvania platformer, which is pretty intriguing given his past tendency towards old school adventure gaming.

In Yahtzee’s own words:

You play Derek Badger, unflappable Yorkshireman, who stumbles upon a strange underground kingdom and gets caught up in a conflict between two mysterious magical races. I’m making it in Game Maker because current generation technology frightens me.

Well, I’m sold. I’m not usually one to invest in violent platform gaming (or anything else for that matter) unless it brings with it a traditional English slant, so this is right up my street. Also, it seems funnies are guaranteed in Yahtzee’s inimitable style along with… giant rabbit thingies? From the trailer below you’ll see it doesn’t take very long for things to take a suitably mental turn across an impressive variety of environments.

There’s no information yet on when we can see it finished as it’s currently still in development. Basically, when it’s done, but If you’re not at all happy about this then please read his original post. You’ll see that he’s suitably sorry about not releasing a demo at this stage and, well, pretty much everything else.

[via @gnomeslair, Fully Ramblomatic]