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New Xbox Live Indie Games Can Be Much Bigger, Plus Other Changes

Since its inception the Xbox Live Indie Games program has been very limiting for many developers. Not only is it code restricted and very difficult to market, but also there were physical size limits for games thus forcing any ambitious developers to reign in their plans a bit should they get too large. Today that changes…

As of now, all new games submitted can have a maximum size of 500MB, up from 150MB. This will allow developers to push their game in far more areas including better graphics and, hopefully, some additional audio.

Additionally, developers that wish to price their game at 80 MS Points will not longer be relegated to 50MB or under. Microsoft has lifted the limit to 150MB meaning a host of older games can now be priced as such.

Finally, one last change, Microsoft has upped the amount of titles each developer can release. Prior to today they were only able to have 8 games per account. That limit is now 20 per developer.

All in all these are some nice changes, but we still worry about many other areas of the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, particularly how it pertains to the way the channel is treated on the new dashboard. Developers will only want to continue developing games for XBLIG if they think they can sell.

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