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Ever Wanted to Get Stuck in an Elevator? Elavator: Source

So we like to cover mods here on DIYGamer as well as indie game. I’m sure many of you ave noticed that, in fact, as we’ve actually covered quite a few really good mods that can expand some of your favorite games in bigger and better ways than ever thought possible. And then we have the mods like what we’re going to talk about today. Not to say it’s bad, just different and altogether… odd.

The mod I’m going to show you today is called Elevator: Source and it’s a mod off the popular Half-Life 2 game/engine. What makes it so unique is that, true to its name, the entire “game” is focused around you being stuck on an elevator for… well.. I’m not even sure how long. The gameplay video below lasts for about 45 minutes.

Really the idea is quite unique because it allows you and some unknown folks around the world to sit and hang out for a while, much as you would do in a regular elevator situation like this. In some ways, it’s sort of like the Chat Roulette of video games.

Oh and for those that demand some sort of gameplay, or interactivity the developers of Elevator: Source have included a couple gestures, namely the coughing politely into your fist gesture and looking at your watch gesture. Each are meant to portray the sort of actions anybody would do in that sort of awkward situation.

Note: The mod requires both Garry’s Mod and Half-Life 2 to play.

[Elevator: Source via Rock, Paper Shotgun]

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