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RadianGames Launching Four New Games for One Low Price

Somebody needs to tell Luke, the owner/developer behind radiangames, to slow down! I’m not exactly sure how his development cycle works, but cranking out four games has got to be taxing on one’s creative soul. Normally it would be easy to write these off as mediocre games, but with radiangames I’m inclined they’ll be similar to his past projects and by that I mean they’ll be really good.

Anyway, radiangames just announced the Quadtastic Launch Collection which is four-in-one game bundle. Each game in it is brand new, works on both PC and Mac and is 100% DRM-free. Hooray!

The four games are:

  • Inferno+ – An atmospheric action-RPG with 40 levels of exploration, blasting, and upgrading.
  • Ballistic – A mesmerizing, refined, and intense dual-stick arcade shooter.
  • Slydris – An elegant and unique puzzle game that feels fresh and familiar at the same time.
  • Fireball – Dodge, trigger, and destroy hordes of enemies across 3 modes and 11 leaderboards.

And yes, each game comes with his signature graphical aesthetic.

The four-pack can be had on January 24th (we’ll update when it launches) for a scant $9.99 if you pre-order which equates to about $2.50 per title. Should you wait until launch day the bundle goes up to $11.99, which is still a fantastic deal.

[The Quadtastic Launch Collection]