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Mommy’s Best Game Turns Heat On ESA Over SOPA

SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, has been a constant threat to the freedom of the internet for a good while now. In a way, it’s this year’s or season’s Net Neutrality because, if it passes, it will give the government sweeping powers to block sites. Obviously the focus would be on torrent sites, but I think the government fails to realize that torrents are actually a great alternative to direct downloading for legitimate goods as well.

In any case, the ESA (Electronic Software Association) has thrown its support behind SOPA and with it the “entire games industry” as it were and this is something that Nathan Fouts of Mommy’s Best Games feels isn’t getting enough attention. And, being no stranger to highlighting issues, he’s taken to his blog and fans to try and get gamers to push pressure on the ESA.

Hi, so I’ve put together a simple post pleading with developers and gamers to focus their internet super powers on getting the ESA to drop SOPA support. If They can get the Ocean Marketing guy fired forever, I’m sure They can blow this up as well. I feel like because the ESA is one step removed from direct consumerism, it’s not getting the heat like it should be. – Nathan

It’s a pretty simple request if you ask me. He continues on with:

From what I can tell, my company lost plenty of potential sales of our recent game Serious Sam Double D to online piracy. But SOPA is not the answer to fixing piracy problems! You may be saying “Yes, you’re not telling me something I don’t already know” but have you done anything about it? Have you written to the ESA or supporting companies?

He makes a good point. Plenty of gamers were furious over Sony, Microsoft, EA and Nintendo when they signed their support (Sony, EA and Nintendo later withdrew) but none of us are really clamoring at the ESA over their support despite them representing much of the mainstream industry. And even though Sony, Nintendo and EA later withdrew their support of SOPA, being a part of the ESA essentially means they’re still supporting it by proxy.

Check out the full post from Nathan below and consider writing the ESA about your displeasure.

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