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Indie Links Round-Up: Battle Stations

Today’s links have word on a couple of upcoming indie jams and events, a few titles we ought to be investing a bit of time in, and some fine interviews.

Indie Pitch: Captain Jameson (Joystiq)
“This week, Farbs steers us into the Captain Forever universe in its new RPG-esque installment, Captain Forever.”

RetroBlazer – Alpha (TIGSource)
“Amil Parra’s RetroBlazer is an FPS built on the modified Quake engine called DarkPlaces. Currently in alpha state, the game evokes Wolfenstein 3d more than either Doom or Quake, with mostly flat level designs save for a few instances where enemies rain pipe bombs down on you from higher platforms. The camera is locked to a single plane, which makes those areas particularly annoying (the worst being a large maze in level 6). Hopefully later iterations of this project will offer more interesting scenarios, as it’s otherwise pretty enjoyable. It looks good, too.”

Indie Jeff’s Weekly Pick: Fractal: Make Blooms Not War (Shacknews)
“Fractal: Make Blooms Not War has been available for the iPad for a while now. And although I had a chance to play a bit of the game back at IndieCade a couple of years ago, I only recently discovered how deep, challenging–and, at times, deliciously frustrating–the unassuming-looking puzzle game could be. That is, at least until I recently had a chance to spend some more time with the PC version that hit Steam back in November.”

Ludum Dare Hosts “Stop SOPA” Game Jam on January 18 (
“During a planned multi-website blackout on January 18, indies around the world will create anti-SOPA games for the Ludum Dare hosted Stop SOPA Game Jam. SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, has already been the recipient of indie-dev heat: Mommy’s Best Games published a call for ESA to drop SOPA support, and Minecraft’s Notch tweeted that and will be taken down on the 18th in protest of SOPA.”

Indie Giving Offers Flash Gaming Summit Pass and Community Outreach (
“Indie Giving Offers Flash Gaming Summit Pass and Community Outreach (”Indie Giving provides a substantial personal and financial initiative by adding community service and a discount to the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco, the weekend before the Game Developers Conference begins. While the summit itself will be held on March 4, developers who purchase the Indie Giving package will spend March 3 helping out the local community.”

IGF Factor 2012: Gunpoint (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Next in our series of chats with this year’s impressive roster of Independent Games Festival finalists is Tom Francis, lead brain behind future-noir stealth game Gunpoint, which is up for the Excellence In Design gong. Here, he’s quizzed about what, why, when, who and the most important question of all. Important conflict of interest disclosure: I used to play badminton with Tom.”

TIGJam UK 6: 17-19 Feb 2012 (distractionware)
“Yey, it’s that time of the year again! Our next big game jam in Cambridge takes place on the weekend of the 17th-19th February.”

Best In Shoujo: Katawa Crash (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Last week there were a couple of games that brought up the question of what actually counts as a game. One of them shouldn’t have, because it turned out to be a passing ice-cream truck. The other was Katawa Shoujo, which occasionally teetered on the edge of that which people were willing to tolerate – that a reviewer could be bored by a slightly creepy visual novel about dating definitely-not-underage-at-all disabled girls without being some kind of illiterate, word-hating dunce. Which obviously John is, but that’s not the point. Luckily, you can now enjoy that experience in a brand new form – one in which you occasionally get to press some buttons.”