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Cursed Loot Developer Shows Off Cursed Cosmos Gameplay

Eyehook Games had one of the better sleeper hits in recent memory with its XBLIG roguelike Cursed Loot (formerly Epic Dungeon), and now they’ve grabbed our attention again with some gameplay footage from their next effort Cursed Cosmos (formerly Azure Void). The game is a step in another direction genre-wise for the developer, who promises a randomly generated galactic trading game with a real-time dynamic economy, real-time space battles, customizable ships, asteroid mining, and more.

Eyehook has provided the following preview video, noting that it comes off a bit like a generic space shooter at the moment. The plan is to remedy this with a video showing off RPG elements of the game next:

With the dev noting a few months of development still scheduled there’s no news of a release date quite yet. However, expect it to arrive on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel when it is ready to go. Of course 360 owners should already be rolling in Cursed Loot and its v2.1 content update; and if they haven’t yet they should nab it right now for 80 MS Points ($1), yes they should.

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