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The Humble Bundle To End All Bundles? Another Leak!

From the same source as the earlier Introversion leak (people poking around the Steam content registry), it looks like the Humble Bundle are going to end this year with a megaton bang: Seven of the most impressive indie games in recent years, including some downright legendary ones. Brace your wallet – this one is going to be big.

The initial lineup is big news to begin with - ShankSuper Meat BoyBIT.TRIP.RUNNERJamestownNightsky, but there’s a couple of extra heavyweights in the ‘Beat The Average’ category, with slightly more generous folks getting copies of Gratuitous Space Battles (along with at least some of it’s DLC) and the newly updated and improved Cave Story+. Yep, the indie legend, now in a bundle.

With the exception of Nightsky, these are all games that haven’t been in previous bundles, too. At the rate these pay-what-you-want deals are going, we’re going to be hitting repeats more often – as amazingly productive as the indie scene has been in the past year or two, 4-6 quality releases every couple of weeks just doesn’t happen often!

No ETA on when this one will be dropping yet, but ‘soon’ sounds about right, considering that the Introversion pack happened just a few days after the initial information snuck out. Get yourself ready – while the load on your wallet from a bundle like this might be light, your free time is going to be in scarce supply these holidays.

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