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Browser and Mobile Game Pick – Cabals: The Card Game

So here’s an interesting game for you, especially for those of you who have ever gotten wrapped up in a card game of some sort like Magic: The Gathering. Cabals: The Card Game is a new, interactive card game that can be played on your browser or Android/iOS device and play cross platform against others. Better yet? It’s pretty damned polished to boot!

Here’s an official description:

Cabals: the Card Game re-invents online trading card games (also known as online TCGs, online collectible card games or CCGs) with a game board that introduces a completely new spatial dimensions into card games. With this innovative new approach, the value of each card is not determined only by its attributes and powers, but also by where it’s located on the game board. In Cabals: the Card Game, the smallest being can truly change the world.

Essentially when starting (registering is super easy) you get to pick between four different “decks” of heroes. For my first game I chose Morgana Le Fay, a hero who commands demonic or magical creatures (it seems). The idea is that you want to capture your opponents stronghold, but to do that you need to out-think, out-muscle and out-maneuver your opponent. It can get quite tactical!

My first game didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped but the game was quite fun and anybody who enjoys card games should get a kick out of Cabals, especially given it’s very detailed card designs.

Cabals: The Card Game is free across all platforms with more updates, cards and decks coming soon.

[Cabals: The Card Game]

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