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Asteroids Meets Smash TV: SteroidS 2.0

How do you take two very addictive retro/classic games and combine them into an amazing top down shooter homage? I’m not sure I can really answer that to be honest. However, I can tell you that one indie development company has done it!

SteroidS (odd name, right?) is a quirky top-down shooter that borrows heavily from each of the classic games I mentioned above. Our own Lewie Procter wrote about it a earlier last month, but since the game’s impending update I figured it was time for a brush up.

SteroidS is an Asteroids-like arcade top-down shooter. You’re a scientist trying to stop some “crazy thugs” using your steroids gun to defeat them. But there’s a catch: each steroids shot makes them faster (and they need more than one shot to go down), so things can get really hard as enemies become faster!

The goal in SteroidS is simple: get the highest score possible by killing all enemies inside the arena before you are overrun. Steroids make your foes faster, so you have to move fast!

The game itself looks like an updated modern Smash TV. You’ll go into a room and enemies will emerge from several doors. Really any twin stick, top down shooter or shmup fan should feel right at home here.

SteroidS is available right now for $5.99 (up from $2.99) with 2.0 coming a bit later. There’s also a demo available to for those who wish you try before you buy. Check it out via the link below.



SteroidS gameplay trailer – Indie DB


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