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Xenonauts Back Up and Running With Desura

A little over a month ago I wrote about Xenonauts, a pretty cool looking X-COM-inspired game. Unfortunately I wasn’t writing about them gushing about their game, like you’d expect, but rather I writing about their unfortunate encounter with PayPal who decided to freeze their account. It was a real bummer…

Well today I’m happy to report that Xenonauts is back up and running! The developers have successfully launched a new site and, instead of using PayPal, they’re now using Desura (similar to what Project Zomboid did). You can now pre-order the game via Desura for $19.99.

And yes, that price is correct. The guys as Goldhawk Interactive have also permanently reduced their price by $10. There is still the option of paying $29.99 for it should you have need for the collector’s edition which will grant you special stuff like a forum title and “some other small goodies” according to the devs.

Anyway, it’s great to see them back on their feet. Here’s hoping their new partnership with Desura works out well for them!

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