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The Wager 1.2 Released, Get It Now

Back in May of this year, one of our writers took a look at The Wager, by Surprised Man. The game is a sort of exploration adventure game with you playing against a computer controlled character by the name of Sir Lester Marwood. Your goal is to explore more and find more treasure within one year than him by exploring the New World.

It’s very fun actually, and free… so you should get on that.

Anyway, the reason why I’m writing you now is because, well, there’s a large update out for it! As of today you can download version 1.2 of The Wager which brings with it a number of changes:

Brand New Features:
- Build new docks on colonised islands to expand your reach further out to sea
- Some areas of the sea now contain particularly high-value islands to seek out.
- Two new upgrades to buy:
- Crow’s Nest upgrade helps you to spot high-value prospects from a distance.
- Spy upgrade gives you a more precise idea of your enemy’s progress.
- Earn persistent achiev– uh, adjudgements for completing in-game tasks, or die trying.

New content:
- A healthy smattering of new random events to discover on land and sea.
- New messages for Sir Lester Marwood to annoy you with.
- New flavour text to see what people are up to on colonised islands.

Balance Changes:
- New end-of-game penalty for crew deaths.
- Various changes to the price of goods.
- Changes in rewards/penalties for certain overpowered events.
- Numerous other little balancing tweaky-poos

- Issue with mini-map not working on saved games fixed.
- Overworld music now pauses, so you don’t have to listen to the first few seconds of it over and over. Yay!
- Numerous small aesthetic and interface tweaks.

You can check out the game via the link below, but suffice it to say, the update brings with it a fairly hefty amount of changes and content additions so you should check it out.

[The Wager]