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Leaked: Introversion In The Next Humble Bundle?

It’s getting increasingly difficult to keep a secret, especially now that you can poke around Steam’s product registry and see what studios have their games signed up and ready for launch even before they’ve announced anything. Folks poking around inside the Steam registry these past few days noticed a rather interesting item – Subscription 12283: Introversion Humble Bundle Indie Retail. From the sounds of it, the Last Of The Bedroom Programmers are to become the latest of the Humble Bundle fixtures.

A snapshot of the upcoming bundle. The initial offerings, at least.

It’s no secret that Introversion have fallen on hard times. Their biggest project yet – the procedurally generated heist strategy game Subversion – has been indefinitely put on hold due to difficulties in making it a compelling and coherent gameplay experience. Given the length of time it was in development, and given the costs incurred in their previous (and commercially unsuccessful) release, Multiwinia, their coffers may well be running a bit low. Perfect time for a bundle, then? Given the astonishing amount of money recently raised by Voxatron and co, just being part of a Humble Bundle seems to be a real kiss of life for indie developers. It helps that each pack covers Windows, Mac and Linux, opening it to all PC gamers techie or trendy alike.

Introversion are a personal favourite studio of mine, with all of their games to date bringing no shortage of joy. Here’s hoping that they’re able to stay afloat, and hopefully one day revive Subversion. I wish them the best of luck, whenever this (possible – admittedly nothing is set in stone yet) bundle rolls round. Keep a keen eye on DIYGamer for more news on this front, as and when it happens.