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Guns of Icarus Online Gameplay Video is Droolworthy

Gun of Icarus was a great game released by Muse Games way back in 2009. Our own Arsen Nazaryan reviewed it and came away fairly impressed. Now, for those of you who enjoyed the original, it’s time to suit up once again, this time with some friends.

Guns of Icarus Online is an upcoming MMO based on the original game. What that means, essentially, is an online airship combat game. I’ll repeat that for you because, yes, it’s just as awesome as it sounds: online multiplayer airship combat game. Are you excited yet? Well just wait until you see the new gameplay video below.

Here’s an official description which lays out what you can expect when released:

Guns of Icarus Online, or GoIO, is a co-operative focused MMO where each player has an important role in the full action, tactical, combat. One player owns a ship and hires other players or NPCs to crew it for each mission. Each player has a role to fulfill, be it manning the guns, repairing damage, or piloting the ship, and each player must respond on the fly to a changing environment. Gunners may abandon their guns to repair a vital component or the pilot may ditch the wheel to add a little more firepower to a broadside sweep. A tactical, dynamic, and action packed universe awaits within Guns of Icarus Online.

Sound amazing? Good. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned because we’ll have much more on GoIO soon.

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