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Gratuitous Tank Battles Alpha Video Preview

Cliff Harris of Positech Games has just given a hefty progress report on his upcoming Strategy/Tower Defence game Gratuitous Tank Battles, courtesy of a quick video preview of two maps in the current alpha build, with commentary from the man himself. Catch the video after the jump:

Cliffski says this:

The video is just showing some battles, not the level editor or the unit editor, or any online stuff (still most of that to do…) so its only a snapshot of the traditional tower-defense side of the game, albeit playing as attacker and defender, and with a tad more detail and explodyness than most TD games I hope.

I genuinely can’t get enough of games that let you zoom in and out really far, and it looks like GTB satisfies on that front. There seems to be loads of detail, and getting to play both sides of a tower defence game is a neat idea.

Here says he’s thinking of doing more video updates in the future, so keep an eye on his blog for more.

[Positech Games]