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You Have 30 Seconds to Complete Each Level… Go! 30secGo

A half minute. What can you do with such a small amount of time? Go to the bathroom? Probably not. Eat a sandwich? Not if you plan on chewing. What about playing an entire level in a video game? Doable, but they’re certainly not going to make it easy on you!

Such is the hook with newly released indie game 30secGo, a quirky little puzzle game that gives you just 30 seconds to complete each level. An interesting concept that might appeal to you if you’re looking for a challenge.

Of course, what initially drew (pun!) me into the game was the unique aesthetic of the title. If you can’t tell, the game’s graphics are entirely hand drawn, on a graph paper, with pencil. Even your character is a little pencil stick figure. It’s not everyday that we see a completely hand drawn look for a game.

Here’s a feature list:

  • Hard platformer.
  • For the achievement hunter.
  • 54 levels.
  • Find the secret on every level.
  • Fast gameplay. Complete each level in 30 seconds or die.
  • Challengemode: Play the game from start to finish without dying.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the game via the trailer and links below.

[30secGo, Indievania]


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