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XBLIG Wizorb Heading to PC November 7th, Mac/Linux “in the works”

Tribute Games has announced a PC release for their Breakout-style RPG Wizorb. The game will be distributed solely via GamersGate (at least starting out) when it launches on Monday, November 7.

The upcoming version will support gamepad, keyboard, and mouse inputs, with the developer mentioning mouse controls makes for gameplay that relies more on reflexes and make it “a tad easier” and ”more natural than an analog stick for controlling the paddle.”

On top of the PC release, Mac and Linux ports have been revealed–but without release dates as of yet. Tribute Games mention they wouldn’t be adverse to seeing their effort on iOS and Android at some point as well.

With all the talk of upcoming Wizorb releases, don’t forget the title can currently be had by 360 owners for $3 (240 ms points) on the XBLIG channel. Here’s the original launch trailer:

[PIXELTAO via GameSetWatch]