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Subversion Suspended: Introversion Announce “The New Game”

News reaches us directly from Introversion that they have new game in the pipeline, and that they’ve just submitted it to the 2012 Independent Games Festival. A new game that is not Subversion, but something else entirely…

Introversion have kept pretty quite recently. Since showing off their much anticipated Subversion at World of Love in 2010, we’ve not seen or heard anything new on Subversion. Here’s Introversion’s Chris Delay explaining what happened:

In the end, after all that development and years of work, you still completed the bank heist by walking up to the first door, cracking it with a pin cracker tool, then walking into the vault and stealing the money. There was no other way to complete that level. And this would be the essential method by which you would complete every level after that. Technology 1, Gameplay 0 – we’ve made the fatal mistake of having more fun making the game than gamers would ever have playing it.

Around August last year, I took a couple of weeks off and went on holiday in California. It was a great chance to think clearly about something that had become very difficult. Daily work on Subversion seemed to be going well, with lots of regular technological progress, but whenever I considered the project from the high level view I wondered where the core game was ultimately going to come from.

And that was when the next game idea arrived. This new idea was fully formed, just like DEFCON, just like Uplink. I could see most of the core game design straight away. I could see how much of the tech that we’d designed for Subversion was directly applicable, if properly turned on its head. And within an hour or two, I’d made up my mind. I went old-school and bought a blank notebook, the first time I’ve used one since Uplink, and spent most of the ten hour flight home writing it all down. Those first 10 pages written on that flight are the design bible that we still stick to today.

Since they can only really work on one project at time, work on subversion is being suspended to free up time for this new game. It sounds like subversion is delayed, but far from dead. I’m excited to see what this new game is, it certainly must be something interesting to justify setting aside 6 years of work on Subversion.

More on Introversion’s new game when we have it. This year’s IGF is shaping up to be another belter.