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Parallax: Beautiful Monochromatic First Person Puzzler

What a treat poking around the lineup for the IGFs this year has been. I’ve just unearthed a very promising looking first person puzzle platformer. Along with a distinct monochrome styling, Parallax involves jumping between two different dimensions to solve platforming challenges. Check out this here trailer:

Delightful stuff. Here’s the official word:

Parallax is an interdimensional platforming and puzzle-solving game. The goal in each level is to reach the exit by travelling between two overlapping dimensions through rifts. Interactive objects in the level include boost pads and switches that rotate the rifts. Parallax challenges the player to think beyond the spatial boundaries of traditional platformers.

It’s running on the Unity engine, and Toasty Games are currently looking into PC, Mac and iOS as potential platforms. Nothing concrete yet.

[Toasty Games]