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Introversion’s New Game is Prison Architect

Rock Paper Shotgun has an interesting scoop this morning as it appears that the new game the Introversion submitted to IGF is a game called Pirson Architect.

Those of you who read the blog regularly will remember that it was only a couple days ago that our own Lewie Procter revealed that Introversion had submitted an entirely new game that wasn’t Subversion (which has been suspended).

Not much is yet known about the game, but that’s the first image up above.

Apparently, as one would expect, Prison Architect is a game in which you manage and build a maximum security prison. What this entails exactly we don’t quite know, I’m thinking it could be a tycoon/sim game of some sort, but really that’s left open for interpretation.

We’ve gone ahead and contacted Introversion for more information and assets so once we get em, we’ll update you guys.