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First Image Of Team Meat’s Next Game

Following on from all the Halloween Super Meat Boy news, it looks like Ed and Tommy have also been busy working on their new game. At this early stage in development, it looks like it’s too early to hope for any WIP in game assets just yet, but Team Meat have treated us to a new dev image over twitter, which I’ve embedded at the top of the page for us to ponder about (Make sure you click on it for full resolution. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the detail).

Here’s the tweet in full:

Sneak peek at a dev image of the next Team meat game… (Tommy added the green dots)

So what do you think? It looks like it’s another 2D game, quite possibly another sidescroller. The coloured dots and grey vertical lines suggest to me that there might be chunks of levels that fit together, and have to match up at the coloured bits. Beyond that, I’ve not really got a clue.

Do share any ideas you might have in the comments, please.

[Team Meat]