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Disaster Strikes Project Zomboid Yet Again

Terrible news. It appears that this weekend, the escalating series of setbacks that have faced The Indie Stone during the development of their very promising Project Zomboid have taken a leap to the next level.

After having Paypal and Google checkout freeze their accounts, players of pirate copies of their games overloading their servers, and a car exploding on their street, the next stage in the roller-coaster ride of the development of Project Zomboid is the laptops that they have been developing the game on being stolen.

Lemmy from The Indie Stone revealed over twitter:

Two laptops robbed from flat. Last couple of months work on it stupidly backed up on the other.

Devastating news that puts the future of the game in question, but they are still dedicating to getting the game finished, this just serves as a major setback:

Pz will still be developed as long as we’re breathing

Short of the development of Project Zomboid somehow triggering a zombie apocalypse outside of the game, I can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong next.

Best wishes to everyone at The Indie Stone, our thoughts are with you. Those guys just can’t catch a break.

You should buy their game, it’s pretty badass, even in it’s current alpha build status.

Update: Lemmy has posted contact details of the Police Officer looking in to it, and mentioned that there will be a reward for information leading to the recovery of the laptops.

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