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DevLinks: Alternative Methods

Today’s Developer Links share exciting new announcements, poignant postmortems, and other editorials from thoughtful folk around the web.

AltDevConf Announced! Get Your Ideas In NOW! (#AltDevBlogADay)
“This is my first post here on AltDevBlogADay, and I am both blessed and honored to bring you some potentially industry changing information. This has been almost a week in the making. I was hoping for a solidified logo to post with this report, but one has not been firmly decided on as of the date of publishing this article. The information is more than good enough to speak for itself. With no further gilding the lily, I give you the future of game dev conferences. I give you #AltDevConf!”

IndieCade: A Post-Post Mortem Of Sword And Sworcery (Gamasutra)
“As the closing keynote of IndieCade in Culver City over the weekend, Capy Games’ Nathan Vella and Kris Piotrowski discussed the development of their cult iOS hit from the perspective of a seven-month gap since the game’s launch and a “real tangible separation” from the project, developed in collaboration with pixel artist and design film Superbrothers, Inc. and musician Jim Guthrie.”

Thoughts on Limbo (Frictional Games)
“A while ago I played through Limbo for the first time. I thought it was quite an interesting experience for many reasons and been thinking for it on and off. Now that I have collected most of my thoughts on the game I thought it was time to write a little post about it.”

A warning to others: I fell into the Game Engine Trap and lost 7 months of development work (/r/gamedev)
“Ignored the warnings of falling into the Game Engine Trap, fell in head first, and lost about half a year’s development time. Has it happened to you?

Onslaught! — a history of violence (in images) (Lost Decade Games)
“HTML5 is taking off, the web is evolving, the Chrome Web Store is available in more countries than ever and one of these days we’ll be announcing our next game, so I thought this would be as good a time as any to walk through Onslaught! and its near-successes. Here’s a history of Onslaught!, in images…”

A Vertical Slice of Ugly Baby: as Messy as it Sounds? (Dejobaan Games)
“Team Dejobaan has been iterating on Ugly Baby in an effort to make it massively, unbelievably fun, using what’s called a vertical slice. Here’s a little bit about what we’re trying…”

Ticker (Instant Kingdom)
“We’ve finished creating the new monster types, and right now I’m adding them to the game. We wanted to give the Driftmoon combat a little more variety, so we’ve tried to think of monster types that would create interesting situations when combined with the game world or with other monsters. The Ticker is one of the new ones you’ll get to meet, along with the crab colony at the end of the video.”

The Making of a Trailer (#AltDevBlogADay)
“Today I released a trailer for my iPhone app Alcohology. This is the first trailer I’ve ever worked on1 and I documented the process. This post is a behind the scenes / making of / evolution / post-mortem rolled into one. It’s got a little bit of everything.”