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2012 IGF Pirate Kart Now Available for Download

Over 300 games by over 100 creators, the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart is a hefty 1.4 gigabytes of freeware B-game goodness. This is as indie as gaming gets. The ultimate result (to date) of the Glorious Trainwrecks game development competition, almost everything in this mountainous pile of punk design was made in two days or less.

More importantly, this is the first Pirate Kart to head to the IGF. Entering all 300+ games under a single banner, the $95 entrance fee – a prohibitive figure to any hobbyist game creator – becomes a non-issue, and there’s a chance that this compilation will have a shot at some kind of award, come the final ceremonies. If nothing else, I expect to see this bundle to walk away with the title of audience favourite.

If you’ve got the bandwidth to spare, lend a hand and help seed the torrent. Tweet, blog and spread the word. This here is game design at its most raw, indie and freeform. The budgets may be vanishingly small (as low as ‘snacks for an evening’ in some cases), but the creativity and enthusiasm behind Pirate Kart (read these comments from 30-strong devs) is undeniable. Hit the link below, and grab yourself a bundle.

[IGF Pirate Kart 2012]