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Zombies Ate My 16-Bit Graphics: Zombie Grinder

Despite games like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising and the newly released Dead Island, my favorite zombie games are still ones that are much simpler in nature. Old school zombies games like the fantastic SNES classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors still rank amongst my personal favorite despite the obviously simpler graphics and gameplay.

Which is why I’m so keen on recent 8-Bit Funding project Zombie Grinder. This is a game that essentially takes the best of what Konami’s classic offers and slaps a new package on it. At least according to the gameplay video (below).

I don’t know a terribly large amount about the game yet as I’m still waiting to hear from the developer, but from the 8-Bit Funding project page it looks like the game will offer 4 player online co-op, a slew of weapons and modifiers for customization and devkit so gamers can create their own maps and game modes.

The guys are only looking for around $700 so it’s not unreasonable and the gameplay looks incredibly fun in that retro sort of way. If you’ve got a few extra dollars lying around check this one out!

The game itself will be free upon release and an open beta is planned for mid-November. What more could you ask for?

I’ll be following up with these guys to learn more about the game. Until then hit the link below to see their 8-Bit Funding page and enjoy the trailer below.

[8-Bit Funding]