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Xbox Live Indie Picks: What’s This Edition

Geoff's personal Pick of the Week

Welcome to’s newest weekly feature. Some of our long term readers probably remember a while ago when we used to feature nothing but Xbox Live Indie Games each and every Thursday. It was called XBLIG Thursday and it was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time in a single day to sit down and play all the Xbox indie games that are worthy so slowly, but surely the feature just faded away.

In a rare case of double uh-ohs, however, with the fading of XBLIG Thursday, we eventually sort of forgot about Xbox Live Indie Game titles entirely. Honestly, we were just getting too busy with incoming press releases from PC, iOS, PSN, XBLA, etc. developers. We didn’t even notice our XBLIG coverage had waned until a few readers started pointing that out to us.

As such, we are back to delivering steady coverage to some of the best of the best Xbox Live Indie Games out there. Each and every Friday, I’ll put together a list of the best XBLIG titles for the week prior. No need to search and scavenge for titles anymore… just come back every Friday and we’ll set you on the right path.

So, without further ado, enjoy this weeks’ picks:

Aron’s Journey in Dreamland
240 MS Points

Discover the strange adventures of Aron. Lost in the forest, he’ll try desperately to go back to the Inn he chose for his holidays. Bad luck, a storm is approaching! This dark castle could be a refuge! Really? No, of course, not ! It’s the mansion of some mad professor! And, just because he’s mean, he has captured Aron’s girlfriend! What? Aron has NO girlfriend?! Definitely strange!

Avatar Street Basketball 2
80 MS Points

Shoot hoops with your avatar to be the best scorer in the world! Six courts and six different game modes are waiting for you in the firts “basketball” game with zombies on it!

80 MS Points

(Geoff’s note: I own the original and it’s pretty fun!)
Are you ready for round twooo?! GET TO THA CHOPPA is back! Control a hot gun wielding girl, dodge missiles and mines, shoot zombies and use all new extras like the njyon pup or knight power! Not enough? Online highscores will put your skill to the ultimate test! Go, go, go!

Avalis Dungeon Chapter 2
240 MS Points

(Geoff’s note: I won’t lie, this game is fairly NSFW. But the game play is actually pretty good too!)
Experience a story filled with sexy and dangerous creatures in the second episode of Avalis Dungeon!

President John America
240 MS Points

The United States is on the verge of collapse. In steps John America to win the 2012 presidential election. His intellect is the size of his ego, which is also the size of his biceps, which just so happen to also be the size of his love for America. John promises to personally hunt down the most dangerous terrorist threat the world has ever known, and eliminate a national debt of trillions!

Dead Pixels
80 MS Points

(Geoff’s note: My personal favorite game of this week’s bunch. Zombies + side scrolling awesomeness + $1 = fun times!)
When The Dead Start Walking, It’s Time To Run.

Did I miss anything? Any games here you’re particularly excited to try out? Sound off in the comments!

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