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Update on Dyad for PSN: Gameplay Interacts with Music

Dyad is adding more to its psychedelic tube racer, but it’s not going to be anything like Frequency. Says developer Shawn McGrath, “The music doesn’t dictate play, nor does it judge you. Dyad’s music is reactive, meaning it’s mixed dynamically on the fly, based on the current game state and how you’re interacting with it.”

Built more as an evolution on Rez and Everyday Shooter in terms of its music system, “Each time you play a level, the music is different — playing Dyad can be viewed as a ‘performance’ in a sense.” Furthermore, “Interactions do more than simply play a musical event in the key or pulse of the background music. Different interactions change the mix of loops, play new loops, stop loops, change effects and filter parameters, change the tempo of the music and much more.”

The result is a bit of ear and eye euphoria:

If the video seems a bit complex, McGrath says not to worry. The levels that lead up to it will thoroughly prepare players.

Of course, players have to wait a little while to build their Dyad-ic skills. McGrath commented in the blog that he’s aiming to release Dyad early in 2012, with a demo on or around the game’s launch. For now, interested gamers can download three Dyad tracks to hear what’s in store.

Source: PlayStation blog